From internal to external weather-proof storage, Tomsetts will meet all your requirements. Our full service solution offers you a seamless process, from receiving your goods to palletising and sorting, right through to distribution to you or your customer.

At a glance our warehouses offer you:

  • Fully equipped modern warehouses including racked storage
  • Any storage catered
  • External weather proof storage
  • Dedicated warehousing solutions
  • 24/7 perimeter and internal CCTV and security control
  • Online account system
  • Pest control
  • No time limit on storage

Your goods are covered by the RHA Conditions of Storage as well as monitored 24/7 by sophisticated CCTV systems and additional security measures, providing you with a convenient, reliable and flexible storage solution as well as peace of mind.

Tomsetts can manage the whole supply chain process for you, regardless of where your products come, where they are going or how they are packed and re-packed.

Our online account system ensures that you have access to your goods and can let us know when you are ready to distribute at the touch of a button.

CallĀ 01273 513347 for a quote today or email sales@tomsetts.co.uk to discuss your individual requirements.